Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Cheetah Nails

Hi everyone!

Today's nail art is a NailsByNeenie original! I'm finally feeling the Christmas spirit, a bit late in the game, but here nonetheless. For my holiday nails I went with safari chic, so here are my Christmas Cheetah nails with step-by-step instructions below the photo.

1.) Apply a base coat. I used OPI's "Natural Nail Base Coat."
2.) Apply red polish to the thumb and middle finger of each hand. I used  "Expressionist Red" by Finger Paints. I gotta say, this is one of the smoothest applications for polish I've ever had. It just glides on and coats the nail beautifully.
3.) Apply green polish to the index and pinkie finger of each hand. I used "Sketch n Etch" by Finger Paints.
4.) Apply a gold shimmer polish to the ring finger of each hand. You want to find one that is an actual polish with shimmer to it, rather than a sparkly one, only so that it will actually coat the nail. I used "Brushed Gold" from Avon's Brushed Metals collection, which I think worked really well. [Shout out to my Avon lady and friend, who is always helping me find nail polish deals!]
5. Next use either a dotting tool or a toothpick to drop some gold dots, irregularly shaped is best, onto all nails EXCEPT the ring fingers. Roughly 3-5 drops per nail, depending on the size of your nail. Refer to the photo to see an example of how to space them apart. (It might be best to put a glob of polish on a paper plate or similar instead of trying to use the brush or a bottle.)
6.) Using a smaller dotting tool or toothpick, use some of the green polish to ring the gold dots on the nails with red polish, and use red to ring the dots on the nails with green polish. Did I lose you? Just check out the photo, and it should hopefully make sense! lol You will want to do either C shapes around the dots, or two half-U shapes on either side of the dot.
7. Then use whatever color you are using for that nail to make a few extra dots to fill up any open spaces. Basically if you are working on a nail that is painted red, you will use the green to fill up any open spaces.
8.) On the ring fingers painted gold, you won't need to make any dots. Just use both the red and green to make the little C & U shapes (see photo).
9.) Wait a bit for the nails to dry before applying a fast dry top coat. If you put it on too soon, it might smear the polish. I used my trusty Seche Vite top coat.

If you have any questions, or if my directions completely lost you, just drop me a line at

Have fun recreating this colorful and festive design!



Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love is in the Air!

Hi nail fans!

I'm excited to show you today's Valentine's Day-inspired nail art because I actually created it myself! I do a lot of mimicking of others' amazing designs, so I get really happy when I can create one out of my head. lol I call this one "Love is in the Air," and it was soooo easy to do! Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1.) Apply a base coat to each nail. I used Avon Nail Experts.
2.) Paint a light blue color on all nails. The one I used is by Pure Ice, but I don't remember the name. Any sky blue type color will work.
3.) Pour out a little bit of white nail polish. I used Orly Platinum. Rip up a few pieces of a makeup wedge. I used tweezers to pick it up and dab into the white polish. Then dab in a few areas around each nail to look like clouds.
4.) Pour out a little bit of red polish. (I used a red glitter polish by Nicole Miller for OPI, but I don't remember the name.) Take a dotting tool dipped into the red polish and draw an overlapping "V" shape in the top corner of each nail. It should form a heart. Then do a second heart in the middle opposite side, then a third one towards the tip of the nail. I used three different dotting tools starting with a big one and ending with a small one, but that's not really necessary.
5.) Apply a top coat, and you're done! I used Seche Vite Fast-dry Top Coat.

Hope you loooove it! lol