Friday, May 22, 2015

Found My Marbles!

Hey Polish Fans!

I've been super stressed lately, and as many of you might agree, I find painting my nails gives me a moment to relax and just do something I enjoy. That feeling has inspired this next design! So after spending all week losing my marbles, this design helped me find them! lol I used a technique called "water marbling" that can be a bit tricky if you don't follow a few simple tricks that I've outlined in the photo tutorial below. I hope you give it a try. Don't give up if it doesn't work just right the first time! I promise you'll get the hang of it! I've included the polish colors after the jump, in case you'd like to achieve the same look as in the photos.

For this look I used my OPI base coat, FingerPaint's Endless Wear in Hue Knew? (lilac), Essie's Chillato (greenish-yellow), Sunset Sneaks (deep coral), Tying the Knottie (light pink), and Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Disco Ball (this was applied after the water marbling, just to add some girly shimmer!), topped by my favorite fast-drying top coat, Seche Vite. I forgot to mention the fast-drying top coat in the photo tutorial (oops!), but it's always a good idea!

Well, I hope you all have great results with this fun technique! Please visit my website at and e-mail me your recreations! I'd love to feature them on my page!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Got Carded

Hey nail addicts!

Today's design is in honor of my new business cards! I'm so glad they came in and now I can share my nail art obsession with others by doing FREE manicures!! It is also the debut of my website: I'm so excited to launch it, and I really hope you will "do me a solid" and visit the page! haha ;) So today's design is called "Got Carded," and it's my first real experience with chevron art. What do you think? (Instructions after the jump.)

Ok, so here's how you can make it happen!
Supplies: Base coat, fast-drying top coat, neon pink polish, silver polish, white polish, and a chunky, sparkly glitter polish. (I used, in order, O.P.I. base coat, Seche Vite top coat, Finger Paint's Pink Perspective, Chromatic Creation, Papier Mache, and China Glaze's Nova.) I also used a two-sided dotting tool (although you can use a toothpick for the same results) and a super handy Sally Hansen manicure sticker guide set (can't remember what it's called, but it has four different sticker types in it.

1.) Use the base coat to paint all your nails. This is an important step both Paint your thumbs, middle and ring fingers with the silver polish, just one coat will do. You want enough coverage so that the sparkle has a solid base. Then paint your pinky and index fingers with two coats of the white polish. After 2 minutes, use the sparkly polish to cover the silver ones. You will probably need 2-3 coats, but wait a minute in between each one. Chunky glitter tends to be clumpy, so you want to spread it out as evenly as possible.
2.) While the sparkle coat is drying, put a few drops of pink and silver polish on a piece of paper and use both ends of the dotting tool to make random dots on the white polish. (If you're using a toothpick, swirl the polish around with the tip for a bit and you will notice it collects enough polish to create a larger dot. Then use the other end for the smaller dots.)
3.) Wait 5-10 minutes then put the top coat over all the nails. At this point you will need to wait at least an hour to make sure your ring fingers are completely dry. Mine were dry after an hour, but you might want to wait longer, just to be extra sure!
4.) Once your ring finger is completely dry, grab the nail stickers and place them on your ring fingers the way you like them. I used three stickers, but after it was done, I felt like I should have used 2 and just spaced them wider apart. This part is really up to you. I used one of my other dry nails to push the sticker a little into the cuticle so it was completely hugging the curve of my nail. You may want to do one ring finger at a time.
5.) Take the pink polish and paint 2 coats over the stickers, waiting only 30 seconds between coats. You don't want the polish to dry or even get tacky before you remove the stickers. Once you have put on your second coat, wait a few seconds and then slowly and evenly remove each sticker. Make sure you pull the stickers in the same direction they are laying, otherwise they will smear the polish or leave a jagged edge.
6.) When both ring fingers are done, wait at least 10 minutes and then put another layer of top coat over the nails to secure your brand-new chevron stripes!

I hope you love this design and I really I hope you will share it with me if you try it on your own nails! You can reach me at I may even share your recreation on my new website

Happy painting!!


Summer Safari

I am in desperate need of some summer sun here in Indiana. Can you believe it actually snowed yesterday? In APRIL?? These bright, summery nails helped cheer me up, and I hope they do the same for you! Please let me know if you need further instructions or need any help doing these on your own nails. Mix and match your own favorite summer colors for a personalized look! If you do try them for yourself, please send me your recreation and I may feature it on my page!