Friday, December 14, 2012

'Tis (Still) the Season!

Hi nail fans!

I got ambitious last night and did three designs at once! (On different people, not all on the same hands, that would be weird...or brilliant...)

Anyway, I'm still in the holiday spirit, so you'll definitely see a theme.




These are my "Funky Christmas Tree & Ornaments" nails (please ignore the less than attractive cuticles, I'm working on that), inspired by MissJenFabulous's design found here: Three Cute & Easy Christmas Tree Nail Tutorials

I did these "Santa and his Elves" nails on my brother's girlfriend. They were inspired by CutePolish's design: Santa and Elf Suit Nails

Lastly, I did these "Santa Suit" nails on my mom, inspired by this photo on my Pinterest wall: Santa Suit

(Sorry the photo is so blurry! I'm working on my camera skills!)


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