Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'Tis the Season! (Holiday Nail Art)

Hi Polishaholics!

Until I learn how to film nail tutorial videos, I will be posting some photos of nail art I've done, just to get things going. Some of them were inspired by nail art gurus on YouTube, some were from photos I found online, and some sprouted from my own desire to be creative! :)

If I remember the source I used for the nail art, I will be sure to add it, but some of these are from a while ago!




This is my "Santa Buttons" nail art, and it was my very first project a full year ago! I know I was inspired by a photo or video, but I honestly can't find the reference pic; whoever inspired me, though, a million thanks! You've started me on one of the best hobbies ever!


I call this one "Snowy Night." Here was my reference pic: Snowy Dream Nails

These are "Candy Cane Water Marble" nails. I promise they looked better in person! lol  I based these off a YouTube tutorial found here: Candy Cane Water Marble

For Thanksgiving I did some "Turkey Tom" nails based on this tutorial: Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Nails
(sorry this is so dark!)

I was inspired to do "Franken-Nails" for Halloween by this photo: Frankenstein Nails

Going backwards through the holidays, here are some 4th of July "Freedom Fingers!" They were inspired by one of my absolute favorite YouTube gurus, CutePolish. If you haven't checked out her stuff, please do so! She's ah-MAY-zing! Here was the inspirational tutorial for this nail art: 4th of July Nails

More nail art photos coming soon; check back often! :)

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