Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love is in the Air!

Hi nail fans!

I'm excited to show you today's Valentine's Day-inspired nail art because I actually created it myself! I do a lot of mimicking of others' amazing designs, so I get really happy when I can create one out of my head. lol I call this one "Love is in the Air," and it was soooo easy to do! Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1.) Apply a base coat to each nail. I used Avon Nail Experts.
2.) Paint a light blue color on all nails. The one I used is by Pure Ice, but I don't remember the name. Any sky blue type color will work.
3.) Pour out a little bit of white nail polish. I used Orly Platinum. Rip up a few pieces of a makeup wedge. I used tweezers to pick it up and dab into the white polish. Then dab in a few areas around each nail to look like clouds.
4.) Pour out a little bit of red polish. (I used a red glitter polish by Nicole Miller for OPI, but I don't remember the name.) Take a dotting tool dipped into the red polish and draw an overlapping "V" shape in the top corner of each nail. It should form a heart. Then do a second heart in the middle opposite side, then a third one towards the tip of the nail. I used three different dotting tools starting with a big one and ending with a small one, but that's not really necessary.
5.) Apply a top coat, and you're done! I used Seche Vite Fast-dry Top Coat.

Hope you loooove it! lol



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